Friday, March 15, 2013 | By: Inkvisible

A Glimpse To The Awesomeness

ABS-CBN is in the business of generating world-class entertainment, news and information programs and in the continuous adoption of innovative technology to deliver its audiences not just in the Philippines, but globally.
            But ABS-CBN is more than just a company. It also served as a home for a lot of young determined students who want to make nothing but the best out of their internships. It’s a place where these aspirants were able to maximize their experience in the world that they greatly want to be part of in the future.
            I can still vividly remember the very first day of my stay in SOCO. I was a little jittery because I know it’s a totally different environment from what I had in my first internship in Manila Bulletin. But even if it was, I was up for the challenge. I was filled with excitement to discover the unknown and to experience this side of media.
            I had a taste of more than just what they say getting-coffee-for-your-boss kind of thing because my supervisors have definitely given me all the support I need, in any way possible, to train and cultivate my skills.
            In my stay, I was able to grasp the basics of editing which was really fun. They let me use the actual equipment so I can acquaint myself with how it works. It may appear quite intricate at first but once you get the hang of it, you will get to like it eventually.
            Sir Rick, fondly called as Tatay Rick, amiably taught me everything I should know about his work –from ingesting files, converting jpeg file to mp4, to getting SOTs needed for the spiels and grabbing photos from videos. He generously shared them to me.
            Tuesdays were always something to look forward to because I get to come to the reenactment shoots. In here, I learned everything I know about production.  I also get to be with these cool people who make every reenactment such a fun time for everyone –people who didn’t just bequeath me knowledge about camera techniques or production stuffs but also about life.  
Everyone in the production team do their best to make every little thing perfect and for them to produce the ideal product that is needed for the segment. Our director sometimes even arrives on the set with this crazy looking tools that work magic in his shots. He always tries to be innovative and inventive in bringing something new to develop his craft.
Furthermore, SOCO has the most notable people behind it, Sir Ferds (our Executive Producer), Mam Smile (our Associate Producer), the researchers and the rest of the Segment Producers–admirable individuals who have such incredibly brilliant minds that passionately exert their finest in giving exemplary work. During my stay, I have seen their devotion and commitment towards giving nothing but quality creation for their audience.
I realized there is no small part in a show. The production, the editors, the researchers and the producers –each and every one plays a vital role in making SOCO a success every week. They all provide unwavering effort to produce a TV program that does not only entertain viewers but a show that extends a helping hand to the victims for them to attain the justice they deserve.
One word that best describes my internship—EPIC! It has exceeded all my expectations and has even bestowed more of what I thought I could learn. I owe a lot to the SOCO Team, from benevolently nurturing my skills to generously giving astonishing experiences that I know to my heart will never be consigned oblivion. Thank you for everything!


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